FAQ-Where did you get the name “The King”?

I started to seriously attempt standup comedy in February 1983. Around that same time, Bob & Tom came to Q95. About May of that year, Tom saw me perform at a club and invited me to come on their show. In my 1st appearance I used up all 8 minutes of the original jokes I had written in my short 3 month career doing comedy. The last thing they said to me when I left that morning, was “Come back next week”. Yikes. I took 3 months to write and edit that 8 minutes! How can I duplicate that in 7 days.

Well, what If Elvis was still alive? He’d be doing jokes right! Standup was the hottest thing going so the King would be all over it. What if he came back from the dead to do standup? Since it’s easier to write jokes for a character than it is for some one you don’t know, “The King” was born.

Jokes are Premise, setup, punch line. If a character like “The King” is doing the joke, much of the 1st two parts(Premise and setup) are taken care of, all ya got to do is the punch line.

If somebody you don’t know anything about says “I was 20 years old when I found out gravy wasn’t a soft drink” Your like “what”. But if an Elvis character says “Oh man, I was 20 years old when I found out gravy ain’t no soft drink..Huhhh!” Ta-da! Instant comedy

So I wrote some “King” jokes and went back on. People liked them. Plus it was a great platform to do old jokes as stories. (Remember Pterodactyl Theater?)

“The King, like many characterizations, was an exaggeration of Elvis. I, for one, look and sound nothing like Elvis, so it took on a life of its own. There were several hooks to “The King” (1) Oh man, I can’t believe it! (2) A gravely sound from deep in your throat aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah (3) followed by a loud Huhhhh!
I heard Elvis go Huhhhh! After one song. So I did it all the time. The aaaaaaaaaa was from an interview he did when he came home from Germany during his service in the Army. When answering questions from the media, he would pause between answers and say “aaaaaaaa well you see …”

The last time I was on Bob & Tom was August 5, 1995. The “King” was at his highest popularity in 1988-1990. Still when I walk around town or especially in May at the Speedway, people will shout out “Oh Man Huhhhh!” A testament to the power of their show.

Tom Griswold is the person who first called me Dave “The King” Wilson. I’ll be forever grateful to he and Bob for the chance.



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