FAQ-What is the “Fantasy 500”?

Imagine 33 of the greatest to ever compete in the Worlds Greatest Race, The Indianapolis 500! 33 starters including all 2, 3 and 4 time winners plus other stars of the Brickyard compete in this 4 CD disc broadcast. Audio is taken from the Indianapolis Motor Speedway Radio Network archives from 1949 to today and combined with the current broadcast team to bring you an unbelievable listening experience. Hear the celebrities from Hollywood, NASA and the world of politics interviewed just like every 500 race day program. Includes a full field color picture of the cars from Ray Harroun on the pole to Helio Castroneves in 33rd. If you enjoy the 500 or allowing radio to paint pictures in your mine, you will treasure the Fantasy 500. Orignal commercials from various years are included. Originally aired on WIBC Radio in Indianapolis April 2004. Written, produced and directed by Dave Wilson. Buy one on Ebay


One Response to “FAQ-What is the “Fantasy 500”?”

  1. Tom Morris Says:

    Just found your site! I have a copy of the Fantasy 500. I think it is your greatest work! Well..ok…one of them. All the best.
    Tom Morris
    Moscow, ID

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