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Very nice Letter

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Just found this while cleaning up my office. I love talking about the 500.

The first 4 Mays after coming to WIBC I had driver guests on with Pidge and Terri from 9 to 10.

Jeff was kind enough to pass along a copy to myself and Jon Quick the Program Director. Jon and I were released on the same day. March 5, 2009


Ken Dilger, Me, Joe Staysniak

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We were taping promos for WIBC pre and post game coverage which were to run on Ch. 8.

Taken in front of the RCA Dome.

More Pix

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Joe-Me & Matt @ Disney World

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Here we are in front of the radio Disney Studio’s where we did our show. It was a great trip!Joe-Me-Matt Disney World 2bcroped2

WIBC Memories-Johnson Cty Fair 2007

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All photos by Mark Freeland-Franklin, IN. Thanks Mark!

Joe gets a birds eye view of the Johnson County Fairgrounds in Franklin, IN.
Joe checks out the Fairgrounds

Joe’s dreams come true!
Big Joe gets Pork chops

I wonder how many pork chops he had when he left the pork tent?
Joe grabs us some groceries!

Joe gets a couple of ears
Big Joe gets corn

Big Joe wears a Browns t-shirt because (a) he’s from Cleveland but (b) and most important, it was free
Big Joe

State Senator Woody Burton stopped by
State Senator Woody Burton stops by

Peg, Little Albert and me

WIBC Memories Vol#3 BBQ Rib Eating Contest

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These were taken during the 2007 & 2008 Zupes BBQ Rib Eating Contest
Rib-Joe, Luke, George
Luke with his winning Dad, Joe and Big George
Big Joe-Zup BBQ contest
Zupe interviews the winner, Big Joe. 51 ribs!
terri eating ribs
One of my favorite pictures. Terri tearing them up. I belive she ate 34 or 36 ribs.
Here we see the “Hancock County Hurricane” Terri Stacy, being introduced to the crowd with her Colts Cheerleaders escort.

WIBC Memories Vol. #2 The 2007 Indiana State Fair

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Big Joe in the chair
Finally! A chair Big Joe has some wiggle room in!
Fair Queen with a fan
Here’s the 2007 Indiana State Fair Queen with a little fan
Jonas Bros. with Queen
Here’s the Fair Queen being a fan with the Jonas Bros. who were interviewed on the show. This is a dressing room underneath the Grandstand stage in the infield at the Fairgrounds
Kelly McMaines
We ran into Kelly McMaines who has been a guest on the show numerous times
Molly's sign
In the Pioneer Village, make sure you see and talk to Possum Molly! Great deals and an interesting conversation
Molly and Terri
Terri Stacy gets ready to sing a song on my show with Molly
Dave & Possum Molly
My favorite, Me and Molly