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davewilson2501Dave “The King” Wilson, a world renowned stand-up comedian of 11 years, has been an Indianapolis radio listeners’ companion for longer than that.  First in 1983 to 1995 with Bob &  Tom on Q-95 and then as the longtime host of the WIBC afternoon show, Dave has become part of the Indy landsape.  A native of Speedway, Wilson grew up less than a mile from the Brickyard and spent a great deal of time at the track during May as a youth, just as he now does as an adult.

Dave Wilson (AKA “The King”)



Northwest High School-Indianapolis Graduated 1973


1973-1975 Em-Roe Sporting Goods-Retail

1975-1983 Various Small engine retailers and wholesalers, Worked in sales,   management and parts departments.


1983-1994 Stand up comedian. Headlined Comedy Clubs and other venues across the country. Appeared on several national and local TV and Radio programs.

1984 Showtime’s Funniest Comic in Indiana winner.


1992-2008 Owned and operated One-Liners Comedy Club and Wilson’s Bar in Greenwood, IN.

10,000 sq ft operation. Comedy shows 5 nights a week. Booked acts and performed. Managed Wilson’s Bar & Restaurant

1994-1996 Speedway Audio – Owned and operated a website that manufactured and sold copies of the IMS Radio Network broadcasts of Indianapolis 500 races

Public Address

1994-1997 Indianapolis Colts Announcer @ RCA Dome

1997-2000 Indiana Pacers fill in Announcer

1997-1998 Indianapolis Motor Speedway Announcer


1993-1996  ESPN-Pit reporter for Saturday Night and Thursday Night Thunder

1993-1995  WNDY-TV Indianapolis. Covered The 500 and 400 at IMS as a reporter

1994-1996  WNDY-TV Indianapolis. Hosted late night movie show

1994-1995  ESPN2 Play by Play anchor for Saturday Night Lighting  Kart Races


1983-1995 WFBQ-Bob & Tom Show-“The King” Comedy Character

1991-1995 WFBQ-Bob & Tom Show-Racing Reporter for the show

1991-1994 WNDE Sunday Morning Sports Talk Show-Host

2003-Present Indianapolis Motor Speedway Radio Network-Color commentator, Stats, Pit Reporter.

1995-2009 WIBC-Host of The Dave Wilson Show Arbitron ranked #3 12 Plus Fall book 2008


1992-2009 One-Liners Comedy Club hosted fund raising and charity events weekly.

                   Estimated over $500,000 in contributions in 16 years of operation

1996-2008  Kroger Race for Riley presented by Cheerio’s in 13 years John Andretti and I

                    raised over 1.3 million dollars for Riley’s Children’s Hospital in Indy. We

                    also brought awareness to the importance of the work and research there.


17 Responses to “About Dave”

  1. barb mckeel Says:

    Dave this is wonderful, I am so glad you can do this. I will check the site often. Enjoy every minute of the month of May.


  2. Susan Hessman Says:

    Dave, it’s GREAT to hear your voice on the radio again during the month of May. We miss your afternoons. I’m sure WIBC has lost listeners.

    • Rusty Lugnut Says:

      Lost listeners? Heck, I sometimes think WIBC has lost its mind. I have a theory about that however…as in many businesses, the best talent often gets the axe because they represent the biggest reduction in costs. Like many businesses today, they seem to have forgotten that you get what you pay for. Or as the saying goes, you pay peanuts, you get monkeys.

      Miss you Dave. Good to hear you on IMS RN.

      Been a great May so far, ain’t it?

  3. Enjoy the website. You are one of those creative and accomplished people who definitely don’t fit the one-page resume template. I’m sure you will have even more accomplishments to add to the bio. Looking forward to the race news and Race for Riley this year.

  4. Chip Charles Says:

    Good website, Dave. Not only some interesting reading, but all the links seem to work, too!! That’s no small feat.

    Hopefully this 6 month hiatus will be over soon and we can start hearing you regularly again.

  5. John Wilson Says:

    Hi Dave,

    Always loved your show, and sure wish you were back on. I travel through the state in my job, and your show was where I went on my afternoon drives.

    Loved your passion for Indy. Hang in there, and hope to “see” you on the airwaves again soon!

  6. Carl Denny Says:

    Dave Wilson is a class act.
    Enjoy your time off becasue I’m sure it won’t last long.

    Go John Andretti.

  7. When are you coming back? You made the afternoons fly by… you have to be back on the air by state fair time so we can hear reports on all of the “food on a stick” at the fair. Please, please come back… soon!

    • davethekingwilson Says:

      Thanks for the kind words and for clicking on my site. I hope to be back on the air soon, hopefully by fair time.
      Thanks again

  8. Dave the King! I miss you on the air. I first wondered into your realm when installing the ticker and video display for Daktronics above the Emmis Communications circle location. I started listening and laughed my butt off. I always thought, man this is guy is hilarious, but he has a kind heart, and he has a great sense of what is good in people and America. I became a fan, and listned for years whenever possible (do a lot of travel.) You may remember me and my wife Kimberly. I proposed to her at your nightclub on News Year Eve 2005. (Remember, I forgot the ring in the car, and some of the guys in the audience thought I was chickening out.) God Bless you Dave! You have a huge fan base, and I know we will be listening to you on the air soon. Sincerely, John Paloma (aka El Conquistador)

  9. Wired Right Says:

    Loved to listen to you at the Q. Was stunned when you took over afternoons at IBC, but found your show very very well rounded and listened almost everyday. I certainly hope you come back on a more permanet basis and hope it is soon. Miss your brand of humor and since IBC went FM I can hear them in Pendleton after the sun goes down.

  10. Vicki W Says:

    I couldn’t believe it when I heard WIBC let you “go!” Some of the above comments lead me to believe that you’ll be back (WIBC in the afternoon, I hope). I miss your lead-in jokes after every news break and the way you can make Amber laugh (love her laugh!) COME BACK SOON!!

  11. Hey, it was so great to here you, Joe, and Mel back on the WIBC on Monday afternoon. It was a great reunion. It is not the same without you, and can I Say… “IT’S A GREAT DAY TO BE ALIVE AND LIVING IN CENTRAL INDIANA!” I miss hearing you say that.

  12. cathy mattingly Says:

    hi dave hope you are doing well from a very old fan from long ago

  13. Indianapolis just isn’t as funny without you on the air.

    Everytime I meet a “colorful character” around town, I still think: “this guy ought to be a guest on the Dave Wilson show.”

  14. Bob Meador Says:

    Hey Dave,

    I haven’t been to a comedy club since you closed One-Liners and haven’t listened to WIBC since you “left.”

    Having said that I tune to the race every year!!!

    I hope you are well!!!

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