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Moto GP Saturday

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Tom Carnegie on the 9th floor of the Pagoda today

Tom-Aug 29-2009
Paul Page talks with Jeff Ward in the IMS Radio booth. Jeff will do the color commentary for the radio network broadcast. Paul is here as a backup anchor in case the ICS race is rain delayed in Chicago and Mike King can’t get back in time.

Paul Page - Jeff WardTrackside Suits renamedGP logo

Dunlop tires bestDucati team garage




Moto GP Friday

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Rain @ IMS Moto GP
Rain 1:45 ET Yikes
Rain'(0Garage area Moto GPMoto GPMoto GP from the 9th floorMoto GP MWMoto GP pit walk aboutStart finish

Joe-Me & Matt @ Disney World

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Here we are in front of the radio Disney Studio’s where we did our show. It was a great trip!Joe-Me-Matt Disney World 2bcroped2

Them Boys in the Library

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them boys in library
I love my boys. The black hound looking guy at the top is Gravy. Named him Gravy because everyone loves gravy and he is a friendly pup. The little one is Albert. Named him that so I could call him Little Al. When I told Al Unser Jr that story on my radio show, he said “he didn’t know wheather to thank me or kick me” 🙂 Then there’s the big Toby. A special dog. Now I know everyone thinks their dog is a special one and they’re right. But Toby is something. He’s a leader, protector and teacher. He’s a rescue from Brown County. Our neighbor brought him home one night when he saw Toby had frostbiten toes and ears. We adopted him a couple months later and it’s been a blessing having him as a part of our family.

Click on the picture to go to the web site of a new TV Show called “Pet Pals TV”. Joni Michaels and our good friend Patty Spitler will co-host this show on WTHR 13 in Indianapolis. Sign up on their site to help out and get involved.

WIBC Memories-Johnson Cty Fair 2007

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All photos by Mark Freeland-Franklin, IN. Thanks Mark!

Joe gets a birds eye view of the Johnson County Fairgrounds in Franklin, IN.
Joe checks out the Fairgrounds

Joe’s dreams come true!
Big Joe gets Pork chops

I wonder how many pork chops he had when he left the pork tent?
Joe grabs us some groceries!

Joe gets a couple of ears
Big Joe gets corn

Big Joe wears a Browns t-shirt because (a) he’s from Cleveland but (b) and most important, it was free
Big Joe

State Senator Woody Burton stopped by
State Senator Woody Burton stops by

Peg, Little Albert and me

Sonoma 2005

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Tomas Scheckter during practice
4 car

Lower left corner #51 Alex Barron (inside 5th row 10th spot) Outside 6th row, Vitor Meira #17, Inside 6th #83 Patrick Carpentier. Outside 7th row #10 Giorgio Patano, inside #4 Tomas Scheckter. Next row 8 outside #55 Kosuke Matsuura. Next to him you can barely see the #16 of Danica Patrick

Click on pix to go to box score on
Ryan Briscoe in the #33 leads Helio, Tomas Enge and the winner Tony Kanaan. Photo taken from the IMS Radio Network Booth

Lap Around Mid-Ohio

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